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Mondi - ProVantage Powerflute is one of only few producers of premium grade semi-chemical fluting used in the manufacture of corrugated board for demanding packaging applications or use in harsh environmental conditions.

Pro-corr activities:

  • customer relations
  • process optimization at Mondi (ProVantage Powerflute) customers
  • trouble shooting

From the former Head of Sales Robert Vænerberg:

It can be stated without doubt that Mondi - Powerflute co-operation agreement with Harre Medemblik and Pro-Corr is a resounding success. In the past year we have visited a large number of corrugating plants all over the world. Harre's visits have always been well received and the discussions about the issues related to the corrugating process highly interesting. Several clients have inquired if Harre could come back and give prolonged support to the corrugating crew.

Just like any other paper mill we need top class technical customer service ability. When Pertti Kaasalainen retired we faced the challenge of filling a position that really wasn't a full time job with an highly knowledgeable, experienced person with language skills who had worked on many machines and in many countries. Few people with this profile were attracted to a part-time job; or to relocate to Kuopio where they could have taken on other important tasks at our mill. Hence our solution to contract Harre to work for us as a consultant, contractually committing half of his time to us. This set-up however also meant that we would not be quite as flexible in accessing Harre's time for trouble shooting missions as he also would contract his remaining time to other clients. We therefore embarked on a program unique for the containerboard industry: a schedule of regular pro-active client calls in which we seek to support our core clients globally by making Harre's expertise available to them on a regular basis. The idea is that Harre should be visiting all our core clients each year.

The success of the early visits has made it clear that for many clients the one day visit acts almost as an irresistible teaser. Harre may have identified several opportunities in the process, but one day is rarely enough to fully take advantage of them all. Most plants also work in several shifts – so only a handful of the machine operators have had the opportunity to directly benefit from Harre's experience.


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Pro-corr activities:

  • Training at plants in Italy, Spain and Morocco

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