Welcome to Pro-Corr

Pro-corr is a company specialized in the process of cardboard production (Corrugating process)

Pro-corr provides:

  • Corrugator checks (all brands).
  • Process checks.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Training for operators and staff (classroom and machine).
  • Productivity improvement consulting.
  • Consulting/training in Dutch, English, German, Swedish language.
  • All checks are process related (consulting), any necessary repairs and maintenance done by client/ manufacturer.

Pro-corr was founded in 2015 and provides process optimization in the corrugated cardboard industry.

Something about myself:

My name is Harre Medemblik (1958) and I am from the Netherlands (Holland). I started my own consulting company in March 2015. Prior to this I worked for BHS since 2006 as a process trainer and since 2007 as a specialized trainer for the WCS (Warp Control System). Together with the BHS "TE" department we installed and improved more than 35 WCS systems in Europe and overseas.

Now that I have established my own Company, Pro-Corr, my key customers are e.g. Mondi, BHS, International Paper (IP) and other leading corrugator companies.

Before I started as a process trainer at BHS, I worked for the Dutch government as a Process Analyst in the Environmental Safety Department. There I analyzed all kinds of processes in different kinds of factories seeking possibilities to produce using less energy, pollution, noise and smell in accordance to Dutch and European environment laws and to issue permits according to these laws. Looking at the corrugated industry from the point of view of my former occupation I often see significant improvement opportunities in corrugated plants.